Smart Swap Virginia Beach Checkered FLag MINI

What is the Smart Swap Program?

The Smart Swap Program is a vehicle replacement program allowing you to upgrade to a newer vehicle while keeping similar or lower monthly payments, depending on the replacement vehicle.

Record breaking sales months have decreased the supply of Checkered Flag MINI’s inventory. As we begin to rebuild from low supply, we need vehicles like yours. With the Smart Swap program, Checkered Flag MINI will buy your vehicle for top dollar.

It’s that simple.

Why does this matter?

At Checkered Flag MINI, we’ve learned a few things. Last time around, many people may have settled or missed out on one of the following:

  • A color that wasn’t their first choice
  • A set of options they wished they purchased (navigation, comfort access, etc.)
  • Payments that weren’t ideal – some just want to lower their monthly payment

What are the benefits of the Smart Swap Program?

With Checkered Flag MINI’s Smart Swap, there’s no reason to wait until you pay off your vehicle, or until your lease is up to drive a newer, more desirable vehicle today! Take advantage of these exclusive offers from Checkered Flag MINI for your participation in the Smart Swap program.

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